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 "I'm Ready To Fight For What's Right!"

Today, we need a Congressman in Washington who works for the people and not against the people, someone who will listen to the people and not the special interests, a congressman that will represent us as one. That's why I am running for US Congress to represent Alabama's First Congressional District. It's time for a brighter and better future for all people. 


Gary believes that every child should have a right to a quality education from Pre-K to college. Our classrooms are in need of more technology, teachers, and new school buildings.I want to be that congressman that will advocate for additional funding for our local schools. In order for our kids to learn, our teachers must have the needed resources and funding to provide quality education. Gary will fight for additional school funding to support our local school districts in south Alabama.​

Now is the time to eliminate student loan debt. Gary will go to Washington and continue the fight to eliminate student loan debt. 


As we recover from COVID-19, we must build an Alabama economy that offers good jobs at fair wages, lower taxes for everyday working families, and make our large corporations pay their fair share in taxes. Gary believes in more money in the pockets of our working-class families so they can take care of their families at home, and support our local economies. 

We need to keep reinvesting in our communities and not leave our small businesses behind, and continue to bring in entry-level and big industry jobs to help our economy grow. I also stand with our minority-owned businesses.  We need to make sure rural communities have access to jobs, safe schools and quality hospitals, despite being more spread out.

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Gary believes that our environment is our most important resource. He will follow science to fight for bold, commonsense solutions to protect South Alabama from our changing climate. Gary will also fight for clean energy, water, and air. 


Gary is committed to fighting racial profiling of any kind. I will also work to end the end harsh sentencing laws for non-violent offenders that affect below-poverty communities, in particular African Americans, and replace them with community-related participation programs. Every non-violent offender does not deserve prison sentences, some individuals do deserve a second chance. ​

As your next Congressman, I am committed to the fight for equal voting rights. I believe that every citizen, regardless of color, should have the right to vote as a taxpaying citizen. Our government should not be in the business of suppressing the vote of minorities, but strengthen our wonderful democracy so everyone can participate in the free process our forefathers have fought for. I also believe in fair and honest elections, and that every vote should be counted. If elected, I will support comprehensive voting rights legislation that is fair and just for all. 


We need to invest in the long-term wellbeing of our veterans. As your next congressman I will work to make sure our Veterans have access to all their rights and services. 

  • Work to improve VA policies around coverage for members of the reserve component, who frequently lose access to their military benefits when their unit is demobilized.


Like so many communities across our country, homicide rates and gun violence in are serious problems, and owning and buying guns illegally is a serious problem.

Together, we must stop gun violence as one. As your representative I fight for gun reform for safer communities. 

  • Make it mandatory to buy a firearm at the age of 21 instead of 18.

  • Ban assault and high capacity magazines.

  • Universal Background Checks

  • Make it a federal crime to sell any firearm without proper business license.

  • Ban anyone who has been diagnosed with a mental illness from owning a gun. 


In South Alabama we have seen our share of clinic and hospital closures over the past few years, leaving many without access to proper and quality medical care. Also, in South Alabama, many of our citizens still do not have affordable healthcare insurance. I will go to Washington and continue the fight for more federal funding for hospitals and community clinics. Gary will fight to expand Medicaid and Medicare, and lower the age to receive Medicare. I believe every citizen should have a right to quality medical care and healthcare insurance. We must protect MEDICARE!

No one should have to choose between paying their bills, food, or paying for medication. Let's make healthcare affordable!

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"We can not forget Rural Alabama."

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