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My story is unique. Born in a small country town of about 1,200 residents, that was and still is below poverty. I was raised by my wonderful mother and step-father, who was on a limited income, and managed to send me to school, feed me a meal, and hope for the best to come in life. I was given a silver spoon growing up in life. I walked to church with my bible, I walked to the bus stop, I played with my friends and family in our neighborhoods without access to a good quality of life. 

Life has not been easy for me. Yes, I have had some challenges, and made some mistakes we all have to learn from one day. I also have had a chance to make a change to the mistakes I made in life, and become a better man with purpose and a vision, destined to go where my God wants me to go and do. 


After turning 18, it is when I discovered that I wanted to help my fellow people, regardless of skin color, income level, or educational background. I always believed that people should be treated equally and have access to the same services, education, jobs, and healthcare, regardless of where they come from. 


Businessman - Pastor - Community Activist


A Dark Time

We are living in a dark time where some of our current elected officials in Washington want to turn back the clock. They want to re-write history in a way that benefits a select few, and not all. They want to take away the many rights that our ancestors have fought for, and they are denying the basic rights to our kids, families, and communities.  Every day, working families and taxpayers build up the man or woman at the top from the bottom up. We watch the big companies grow, we watch the big companies save their money without paying their fair share, we watch the big companies and their executives live with the best access and quality of life, that you, as a hard working citizen, help provide from the bottom up. 

That has to change, and that's why I am considering a run for congress. We can not afford to re-write history, or turn the lights off. We must fight for equal rights, fight for healthcare, fight for jobs, fight for an honest living wage, fight to protect women's rights, fight to protect civil and voting rights. We must FIGHT!

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